The same team that crafts Capsule48 Stories also works on Capsule48 Studios - an adaptive creative agency that provides brand strategy and visual production in Hong Kong.



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Content Production

With the way digital content is distributed today, it pays off to be multi-disciplinary and flexible. Our creative team produces video and photography, but we also understand contemporary storytelling mediums such as podcasts and YouTube productions.


Digital Strategy

The same creative team that works on production also works on strategy, keeping the focus aligned throughout the entire process. We dream up stories for brands, craft campaign strategies, and focus on building memorable ideas.

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Even as brands turn their focus towards video, the power of the written word remains pivotal to expressing ideas. If anything, genuine copy-writing has become even more important in order for a strong message to stand out.

Selected Work

The North Face


Young Master

Strategy & Creative Services


Videography, Photography, & Copywriting

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Videography & Photography


Videography & Photography

Hong Kong Express

Art Direction & Videography

The Guild

Art Direction & Photography

Cork Culture

Strategy & Creative Services


Art Direction & Photography


Art Direction & Photography