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In 2013 the craft beer scene in Hong Kong was nascent, with only a handful of importers that were bringing in microbreweries from Europe and the US. Young Master had ambitious plans from the start to become not only the best brewery in Asia, but to make beers that anyone would admire from around the world.

Capsule48 works as a full-service creative agency to Young Master by both imagining and creating the photography and videography behind the brand.

For company portraits, we worked in monochrome and red to show the equality and heart behind each employee.

Young Master operates the largest craft brewery in Hong Kong but also owns five differently branded bars and restaurants: The Ale Project, Second Draft, Alvy’s, The Guild (Singapore), and a new project in Shenzhen. We created distinct visuals identities for each of the venues, while keeping them linked still to the Young Master portfolio.



As a fun and exciting brand, Young Master also wanted to showcase their serious dedication to the craft, and the long journey it took to gain their success. We produced a short video with their founder, Rohit Dugar, examining the blood, sweat, and tears that serve as the foundation for the company.


To commemorate how far the company had come since its inception, Capsule48 Studio’s headed the video production of The Birthday Beer campaign, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Young Master.


For the 5th anniversary of Young Master we conceived, scripted, and produced a lighthearted short celebrating the brand’s journey over the years. The project featured key members of the company in playful roles, and showcased the restaurants owned by Young Master in Hong Kong.


Young Master introduced cans into their line-up in 2018, an expensive but essential step forward for the brand. We kept the images playful, but clear.


For colour portraits in the brewery, Young Master wanted to hark back to the industrial past of Hong Kong while maintaining some of the romanticism of the city. We highlighted neon-toned lights against the cold tones of their workplace to show it’s hard work making good beer.