Urban Exploration by The North Face is a unique assortment of lifestyle-infused apparel influenced by a Japanese and Korean outdoor aesthetic. Capsule48 was invited by Hong Kong-based creative agency GrowthRing & Co to interpret the F/W 2018 capsule in Tokyo, Japan across five different collections in video.

The shoot was split into five different sections: “Shelter”, “Seamless”, “Velvet”, “Corduroy”, and “Mastermind”. Separate locations were chosen for each capsule by the creative agency, and our video team was tasked with capturing a distinctive voice for each collection.


In the “Shelter” collection, an emphasis was placed on isolating the characters against stark, vast environments.


Capsule48 worked with Shanghai-based photographers ‘NK7’ and ‘floatfish’, along with Hong Kong-based cinematographer Tim Richardson.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-10 at 11.57.00 AM.jpeg

The completed videos were shown across The North Face Urban Exploration’s social media channels and in-store across locations in Hong Kong.