In 2018 Young Master and chef Vinny Lauria opened The Guild, their outpost in Singapore’s historic Chinatown district. Craft beer naturally remained a key focus, but the team were unique in the city for using a very high proportion of locally grown ingredients for contemporary interpretations on comfort food.

We flew over for two days during the soft opening period of the restaurant, when the staff were just getting acquainted with each other and the chefs were getting to know their suppliers better. We decided to go with very neutral, soft colours and lighting to bring home the “comfort” element of the cuisine.

The Guild marked Young Master’s first foray outside of Hong Kong. It was important that their beers had a subtle presence in the bar, although the taps of the restaurant featured many other breweries from around the world.



It was important to highlight that despite being in the small city of Singapore, much of the produce was as locally sourced as possible. We visited several of the farms supplying The Guild in order to showcase the quality of the farms.


The philosophy behind the food is complete transparency. The Guild wanted to reveal the gritty aspects behind their semi-open kitchen, and desired to ensure that customers never forgot where their food came from.