Conscious is the new elegance

To create brand videos that reflected the elegant but striking nature of their clothes, The R Collective, one of the leading sustainable fashion brands in Asia, sought out the assistance of our creative team. We worked on the short films for their ‘Start From Zero’ and ‘The Making of Denin Reimagined’ collections respectively in their design headquarters in Hong Kong and their denim factory in Zhongshan. 

For the video treatment of ‘Start From Zero’, we were inspired by the brand’s dedication to using only upcycled fabrics and decided to base the mood on Disney’s Fantasia. 

Our creative team wanted the video to begin almost meditatively, before allowing sewing machines and fabrics to stir into action with a sense of magic. We also filmed the interpretative brand video against a background filled with greenery, presenting an organic, lively emotion to the final cut.


 Behind the scenes with our team…