Janice Leung Hayes

Content Director

Janice leads our video scripts and steers the overall content of the studio. She’s written about food for years under the name e_ting, and you'll find her articles anywhere from Eater to The New York Times. She’s also the creator of Tong Chong Street Market.


Ian Wong

Strategy Director

Ian works on photography and leads the studio towards new mediums and projects. You may know Ian from DigitalRev, where he presented the AnalogRev series. He also runs the Digital Darkroom YouTube with Anne where they discuss the nuances of photography.


Anne Berry

Creative Director

Anne is our lead editor and videographer, with the final say on all our visual content. She’s an avid balcony gardener and gamer, and is one half of the Digital Darkroom YouTube channel. She also manages our network of video contributors and editors.


Paola Chen

Graphics & Animation

Paola is currently completing her studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, and is a keen illustrator and photographer outside of school. Paola assists us with 2D animation for client and documentary work.