Made by the Masahiro distillery, which has been making Awamori for over a century, the Masahiro Okinawa gin is the very first to come out of the island.


Perfectly capturing the tropical climate of the Southern Japanese island, the botanical list features a variety of local ingredients. Shekwasha, guava leaves, and Balinese long pepper. The recipe also includes goya, the anti-aging, cucumber-shaped bitter melon from Okinawa, and a type of hibiscus called roselle.


The distillery and Visit Okinawa Japan brought Capsule48 Studios to Okinawa to capture the spirit of the island and translate the story of their gin for a global audience. Our team focused on transportive nature of spirits and how even a sip of the drink would welcome imbibers to the idea of Okinawa, due to the distinctive nature of the ingredients.
Our team developed the concept and managed the entirety of the short film production, from the script to the final cut.

Video coming soon.