The Capsule48 production team is a media vendor for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, with a tender for producing digital content for their social channels such as Discover Hong Kong. 

Much of the work is creative but technical, featuring new perspectives such as 360° or POV video to show the city in new ways and create tangible experiences for screens of all sizes.

Capsule48 was also engaged in a new campaign that involved capturing unique experiences across Hong Kong. Our photographers organised and did art direction with over 30 vendors to create iconic images that would entice potential tourists online.


We provided the entirety of the visual content for The Hong Kong Teleporter campaign.

Many of our projects were also created for mobile consumption as Discover Hong Kong sought to improve their reach on social media. The videos were designed to be attention-grabbing and experimental in order to keep up to date with rapidly changing engagement patterns.

With the Tourism Board, our team was constantly challenged to find new ways to show one of the most photographed and written-about cities in the world.


One of the initiatives by the social media team at the Tourism Board was to show “Little Planet” shots of greenery in the city to remind both visitors and residents of the numerous parks in Hong Kong.