On a retainer basis our team created visual content for the restaurant Foxglove in Central. Foxglove is a stunning speakeasy on Duddell Street that was opened in 2016; it remains a popular destination for tourists and travelers and is often named as one of the most beautiful bars in the world. These images are distributed via their Facebook and Instagram handles.

Our visual team also produced work for sister restaurants Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour in The Landmark and Mrs. Pound in Sheung Wan.


Heritage & Hearth

Foxglove is a home away from home—a place where visitors can find themselves in another world that is familiar, yet exciting. Our digital branding work for Foxglove sought to emphasis the idea that this is a place customers can return over and over to, while experiencing something different each time.


Alchemy & Adventure

When visitors enter Foxglove, they enter through a Carroll-esque umbrella shop in the heart of Central. Our aim was to encourage the feeling of mystery and magic through an analog tonality in the images, accompanied by a focus on specific details of their culinary creations


Gin & Juice

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is tucked away in the basement of The Landmark in Central. Visitors are treated equally well in the evening and daytime. We highlighted not only their gin program, but also their evolving brunch and coffee menu.