Cork Culture launched in 2013 as the first online marketplace in Hong Kong for organic and natural wine. The imagery and colour template of the brand and website was designed to replicate the excitement wine customers experience when walking through a store. Since the wines sold at Cork Culture often required hand-selling, which wasn’t possible online, the digital experience of browsing had to be as intimate and realistic as possible.

Rather than focus exclusively on wine scores or famous wines as was common in Hong Kong, Cork Culture’s brief required colourful and vibrant images of wines and the people who make them. The creative team at Capsule48 created photos and videos for social media that reflected the carefree, honest manner of these wine producers.


A photo of wine has to be almost as delicious as the wine itself. We found complementary colours in nature to match the richness of certain bottles.


Most wine product photos are shot against a white background due to the high amount of SKUs that retailers traditionally have to deal with. Cork Culture insisted that every wine uploaded to their site be photographed against nature to remind customers how wine is grown.


Cork Culture works with many of Hong Kong’s best restaurants. Their clients are just as important to the image of the company as their wines. For blog posts and social media marketing, we featured key figures that work with Cork Culture.