Cork Culture launched in 2013 as the first online marketplace in Hong Kong for organic and natural wine. The imagery and colour template of the brand and website was designed to replicate the excitement wine customers experience when walking through a store. Since the wines sold at Cork Culture often required hand-selling, which wasn’t possible online, the digital experience of browsing had to be as intimate and realistic as possible.

Rather than focus exclusively on wine scores or famous wines as was common in Hong Kong, Cork Culture’s brief required colourful and vibrant images of wines and the people who make them. The creative team at Capsule48 created photos and videos for social media that reflected the carefree, honest manner of these wine producers.


A photo of wine has to be almost as delicious as the wine itself. We found complementary colours in nature to match the richness of certain bottles.


Most wine product photos are shot against a white background due to the high amount of SKUs that retailers traditionally have to deal with. Cork Culture insisted that every wine uploaded to their site be photographed against nature to remind customers how wine is grown.


Cork Culture works with many of Hong Kong’s best restaurants. Their clients are just as important to the image of the company as their wines. For blog posts and social media marketing, we featured key figures that work with Cork Culture.


The Capsule48 production team is a media vendor for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, with a tender for producing digital content for their social channels such as Discover Hong Kong. 

Much of the work is creative but technical, featuring new perspectives such as 360° or POV video to show the city in new ways and create tangible experiences for screens of all sizes.

Capsule48 was also engaged in a new campaign that involved capturing unique experiences across Hong Kong. Our photographers organised and did art direction with over 30 vendors to create iconic images that would entice potential tourists online.


We provided the entirety of the visual content for The Hong Kong Teleporter campaign.

Many of our projects were also created for mobile consumption as Discover Hong Kong sought to improve their reach on social media. The videos were designed to be attention-grabbing and experimental in order to keep up to date with rapidly changing engagement patterns.

With the Tourism Board, our team was constantly challenged to find new ways to show one of the most photographed and written-about cities in the world.


One of the initiatives by the social media team at the Tourism Board was to show “Little Planet” shots of greenery in the city to remind both visitors and residents of the numerous parks in Hong Kong.


In 2018 Young Master and chef Vinny Lauria opened The Guild, their outpost in Singapore’s historic Chinatown district. Craft beer naturally remained a key focus, but the team were unique in the city for using a very high proportion of locally grown ingredients for contemporary interpretations on comfort food.

We flew over for two days during the soft opening period of the restaurant, when the staff were just getting acquainted with each other and the chefs were getting to know their suppliers better. We decided to go with very neutral, soft colours and lighting to bring home the “comfort” element of the cuisine.

The Guild marked Young Master’s first foray outside of Hong Kong. It was important that their beers had a subtle presence in the bar, although the taps of the restaurant featured many other breweries from around the world.



It was important to highlight that despite being in the small city of Singapore, much of the produce was as locally sourced as possible. We visited several of the farms supplying The Guild in order to showcase the quality of the farms.


The philosophy behind the food is complete transparency. The Guild wanted to reveal the gritty aspects behind their semi-open kitchen, and desired to ensure that customers never forgot where their food came from.

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Hong Kong Express is a prominent low-cost airline that reaches out into many locations off the beaten track in Southeast Asia and Japan. We were hired to create a video celebrating the 1 millionth member to join their loyalty program, Reward-U.


The video shoot coincided with a competition launched by Reward-U that gave the winner a free trip across Japan with four other friends. Our videographers were to capture their experiences as they journeyed from Takamatsu up to Osaka, and then to Tokyo, over the course of a week.

DSC_9423 (1).jpg

The video was storyboarded and created by our team to match the real-life stories of the competition winners. We wanted to convey the bittersweet excitement of graduating, falling into a routine of work, and then earning the freedom to travel with old university friends.


Young Master approached us to create a new visual identity for their third restaurant, Alvy’s, in Kennedy Town. The brief was to showcase the restaurant as an independent pizzeria while still aligning the key products with the Young Master brand.

Pastels and soft lighting were used to create a more nostalgic mood for the menu, while the minimalism of the colours set it apart from other restaurants and brands in the Young Master portfolio. While Alvy’s colours are red-tinged, we went for neutral accompanying tones to create a quick sense of diversity among the selections.


The interior of the restaurant was beautifully designed, with plenty of contrast in the colours and shadows. We chose to accentuate that with natural light.

The neighbourhood of Kennedy Town is an intriguing place for Alvy’s to be located, as it’s quite far from the traditional business and restaurant areas.


The taps played a central part of the bar due to the restaurant’s association with Young Master.


It was important to highlight how the venue fit into the surrounding street, and how the windows link both worlds together.


On a retainer basis our team created visual content for the restaurant Foxglove in Central. Foxglove is a stunning speakeasy on Duddell Street that was opened in 2016; it remains a popular destination for tourists and travelers and is often named as one of the most beautiful bars in the world. These images are distributed via their Facebook and Instagram handles.

Our visual team also produced work for sister restaurants Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour in The Landmark and Mrs. Pound in Sheung Wan.


Heritage & Hearth

Foxglove is a home away from home—a place where visitors can find themselves in another world that is familiar, yet exciting. Our digital branding work for Foxglove sought to emphasis the idea that this is a place customers can return over and over to, while experiencing something different each time.


Alchemy & Adventure

When visitors enter Foxglove, they enter through a Carroll-esque umbrella shop in the heart of Central. Our aim was to encourage the feeling of mystery and magic through an analog tonality in the images, accompanied by a focus on specific details of their culinary creations


Gin & Juice

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is tucked away in the basement of The Landmark in Central. Visitors are treated equally well in the evening and daytime. We highlighted not only their gin program, but also their evolving brunch and coffee menu.

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For many travelers in the world, Italy represents an idyllic form of hospitality and culture. With this idea at the heart of their organisation, Certa, a marketing agency that promotes some of the most established Italian wineries across Asia, commissioned our team of creatives to capture the spirit of their wineries through a series of videos for social media and their website.


With Certa we traveled first from Sardinia to Sicily, before making our way up to Piedmont by passing through Tuscany.

After two weeks of filming we edited a collection of short, but impactful features that focus heavily on storytelling and emotion.


To many people, Italy is about food and wine. There’s so much incredible produce out there, but the wineries and bakers Certa represents are more than just excellent—they are artisans and masters. We wanted to show their skill in a confident, but modest manner.

Certa serves as the export office of four of the most prestigious and esteemed wineries in Italy: Argiolas, Tasca D'Almerita, Ceretto, and Castello di Ama.

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The multinational law firm Baker McKenzie has been based in Hutchinson House ever since the creation of their Hong Kong office more than 50 years ago. Generations of Baker lawyers have considered the building more than just an office, and even today there are senior partners in the firm who have worked in the building as young trainees.

With Baker McKenzie moving out of Hutchinson House in 2019 and into One Taikoo Place in Quarry Bay, the firm commissioned Capsule48 and Billy Potts from Handsome Co, to create a tribute to the firm’s history with this iconic building.


Our teams worked together to craft a narrative for the video that would be sentimental yet tinged with optimism, and the final 5 minute cut was shown to the entire Baker McKenzie office at their farewell party for the office.

Baker Move Video Draft 2.4_Moment 7.jpg

It was important for the Baker team to highlight key ex-members of staff and the feeling of family. Our team went through the image archives of the firm to bring back memories and create warmth in the video.

Baker Move Video Draft 2.4_Moment 9.jpg

Baker McKenzie didn’t stage any events to film the video, but the firm did invite us to record during office parties or planned events. However, we managed to catch some spontaneous celebrations that took place in the office.

Baker Move Video Draft 2.4_Moment 8.jpg

During our pre-production phase, we noted that many employees did little things to make the office feel more like home. They brought house plants, warm fuzzy slippers, and decorated their offices with comic books and movie posters. Instead of hiding these details, we wanted to emphasise them.

Baker Move Video Draft 2.4_Moment 4.jpg

Lawyers have fun too. In order to show that the culture at the firm would remain the same despite the move, we featured trainees bonding over after-work activities.

Baker Move Video Draft 2.4_Moment 5-2.JPG

The American outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland recently appointed Taiwanese singer Will Pan as their 2019 Asia Ambassador, and invited him to London for London Fashion Week Men’s to promote the partnership.

Our team was selected by Hong Kong-based creative agency GrowthRing & Co for videography, photography, and copywriting services. The art direction and shot list were designed by GrowthRing & Co, while editing was completed by the Capsule48 team within a short delivery period.

The shoot took place over two days in London, with photographs to be delivered each night for social media purposes. The final video was delivered within a week of the completion of filming.


The edited photos and videos were also shared on Will Pan’s Weibo and Instagram, where he has over 26 million and 1 million followers respectively.


The shoot involved attending Christopher Raeburn’s London Fashion Week Men’s 2019 show and visiting his studio in Hackney.


The completed photographs and videos were shared across Timberland’s social media accounts for Asia.

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In 2013 the craft beer scene in Hong Kong was nascent, with only a handful of importers that were bringing in microbreweries from Europe and the US. Young Master had ambitious plans from the start to become not only the best brewery in Asia, but to make beers that anyone would admire from around the world.

Capsule48 works as a full-service creative agency to Young Master by both imagining and creating the photography and videography behind the brand.

For company portraits, we worked in monochrome and red to show the equality and heart behind each employee.

Young Master operates the largest craft brewery in Hong Kong but also owns five differently branded bars and restaurants: The Ale Project, Second Draft, Alvy’s, The Guild (Singapore), and a new project in Shenzhen. We created distinct visuals identities for each of the venues, while keeping them linked still to the Young Master portfolio.



As a fun and exciting brand, Young Master also wanted to showcase their serious dedication to the craft, and the long journey it took to gain their success. We produced a short video with their founder, Rohit Dugar, examining the blood, sweat, and tears that serve as the foundation for the company.


To commemorate how far the company had come since its inception, Capsule48 Studio’s headed the video production of The Birthday Beer campaign, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Young Master.


For the 5th anniversary of Young Master we conceived, scripted, and produced a lighthearted short celebrating the brand’s journey over the years. The project featured key members of the company in playful roles, and showcased the restaurants owned by Young Master in Hong Kong.


Young Master introduced cans into their line-up in 2018, an expensive but essential step forward for the brand. We kept the images playful, but clear.


For colour portraits in the brewery, Young Master wanted to hark back to the industrial past of Hong Kong while maintaining some of the romanticism of the city. We highlighted neon-toned lights against the cold tones of their workplace to show it’s hard work making good beer.

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Urban Exploration by The North Face is a unique assortment of lifestyle-infused apparel influenced by a Japanese and Korean outdoor aesthetic. Capsule48 was invited by Hong Kong-based creative agency GrowthRing & Co to interpret the F/W 2018 capsule in Tokyo, Japan across five different collections in video.


The shoot was split into five different sections: “Shelter”, “Seamless”, “Velvet”, “Corduroy”, and “Mastermind”. Separate locations were chosen for each capsule by the creative agency, and our video team was tasked with capturing a distinctive voice for each collection.

Capsule48 worked with Shanghai-based photographers ‘NK7’ and ‘floatfish’, along with Hong Kong-based cinematographer Tim Richardson.

Capsule48 worked with Shanghai-based photographers ‘NK7’ and ‘floatfish’, along with Hong Kong-based cinematographer Tim Richardson.

The final product was shown in stores around Hong Kong, showcasing the A/W 2018 capsule collection.

The final product was shown in stores around Hong Kong, showcasing the A/W 2018 capsule collection.

In the “Shelter” collection, an emphasis was placed on isolating the characters against stark, vast environments.

In the “Shelter” collection, an emphasis was placed on isolating the characters against stark, vast environments.