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The multinational law firm Baker McKenzie has been based in Hutchinson House ever since the creation of their Hong Kong office more than 50 years ago. Generations of Baker lawyers have considered the building more than just an office, and even today there are senior partners in the firm who have worked in the building as young trainees.

With Baker McKenzie moving out of Hutchinson House in 2019 and into One Taikoo Place in Quarry Bay, the firm commissioned Capsule48 and Billy Potts from Handsome Co, to create a tribute to the firm’s history with this iconic building.


Our teams worked together to craft a narrative for the video that would be sentimental yet tinged with optimism, and the final 5 minute cut was shown to the entire Baker McKenzie office at their farewell party for the office.

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It was important for the Baker team to highlight key ex-members of staff and the feeling of family. Our team went through the image archives of the firm to bring back memories and create warmth in the video.

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Baker McKenzie didn’t stage any events to film the video, but the firm did invite us to record during office parties or planned events. However, we managed to catch some spontaneous celebrations that took place in the office.

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During our pre-production phase, we noted that many employees did little things to make the office feel more like home. They brought house plants, warm fuzzy slippers, and decorated their offices with comic books and movie posters. Instead of hiding these details, we wanted to emphasise them.

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Lawyers have fun too. In order to show that the culture at the firm would remain the same despite the move, we featured trainees bonding over after-work activities.