Young Master approached us to create a new visual identity for their third restaurant, Alvy’s, in Kennedy Town. The brief was to showcase the restaurant as an independent pizzeria while still aligning the key products with the Young Master brand.

Pastels and soft lighting were used to create a more nostalgic mood for the menu, while the minimalism of the colours set it apart from other restaurants and brands in the Young Master portfolio. While Alvy’s colours are red-tinged, we went for neutral accompanying tones to create a quick sense of diversity among the selections.


The interior of the restaurant was beautifully designed, with plenty of contrast in the colours and shadows. We chose to accentuate that with natural light.

The neighbourhood of Kennedy Town is an intriguing place for Alvy’s to be located, as it’s quite far from the traditional business and restaurant areas.


The taps played a central part of the bar due to the restaurant’s association with Young Master.


It was important to highlight how the venue fit into the surrounding street, and how the windows link both worlds together.